Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Girl

Happy girl laughing with Daddy. Our internet is down at home but I had to come up to Starbucks so that Nonnie and anybody else out there who follows our blog can see the beginning stages of this happy girl. She started laughing in the evenings when we would go up to visit Daddy at the football fields and it was so precious that it just killed me that he missed it. Now Daddy is home and he is bringing out the laughs in this baby girl.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Three years ago today Matt and I became husband and wife! I am so thankful that the Lord saw us good for each other and lead us to be united as one. I honestly have a difficult time remembering life before Matt and especially now that we have Arabelle I couldn't imagine life without the two of them. I am so thankful for the challenges that we have faced along the way because they truly have brought us closer to the Lord and closer to one another. I fall deeper and deeper in love with him each day. Through this man God has given me the family that I have prayed and hoped for, I could never have imagined he was going to recover all the pains of my childhood in the way that he has with my own little family. It brings tears to my eyes as I reflect on the gifts that I have been given and I feel restored.I raise my hands up in the air praising my sweet heavenly father. Thank you, thank you.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Look at what I can do!

3 months old!!!!

It's hard to believe that we have only had our precious daughter in our lives for just three months. We are blessed every day to be her parents and we are so thankful for the sweet little girl that she is. The Lord is so good!

As she is getting older I enjoy seeing what she is going to learn new each day and the things she will discover and captivate her attention are changing daily. Just this week she started to grab some of her toys and hold them in her hand. Once she grabs hold of an object I'm not sure she understands that it will follow the movement of her hand as long as she continues to hold it. I have evidence of this in a video I will post soon. She is now able to hold her bink in her mouth and puts a firm grip on it when we are at the park running. Another thing she has been doing that is helping me with-against my will is our trips to the park, you see I am not able to maintain running the entire 2 miles, however she does not enjoy it very much when I stop to walk-thus I am being pushed to RUN the 2 miles. She is also smiling so much and it is such a joy. Today at church she did the typical "baby smiling at the person behind her, distract the entire back row cute baby thing."

I don't know how he does it but he gets it every time.

Talking to Nonnie on Skype

Holding her bink bink

Three months

Three month shot

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tummy Time

I just think it is so cute how hard she works to support her head while laying on her little belly. She is so focused!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tongue Clicking

I apologize in advance for the camera angel. On July 13th she discovered her tongue and I wanted to share this cuteness! She has since moved onto her fists but when we are quiet and not looking we sometimes catch this in action.

Rolling Over

Correction- This was actually taken yesterday 8/4/09. She has rolled over a few times and this time we just so happened to catch it on camera. The Doctor said this is happening more by chance than anything but were still impressed

Saying goodbye to friends and first round of shots

Today we had a busy day as we headed into college station to say goodbye to our friends Jim and Rachel who are moving up north to prepare for long-term missions. We also went to Arabelle's "2 month" checkup even though she is almost 3 months. At this checkup she had her first round of shots. I believe it was harder on me than it was for her....and it was pretty bad for her. At the checkup she weighed in at 13 lbs 12 ounces and was 25 1/4 inches long, she is in the 97th percentile and he said she was "ridiculously long."

Fast asleep and heading home!