Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Recap

2009 has been the longest year for me in all the best ways. I guess when something as profound as life as the arrival of your first born occurs it makes the year very significant. Last year I had no idea how the Lord was going to change our lives and our hearts. At this very time last year we had a crew of people helping us move into our home, the Glasco family was painting every dingy nook and cranny in this house as the Robinson family was cleaning out our old apartment and moving the last of our boxes into the garage. Matt and I brought in the new year of 2009 on a pallet on the floor in a cold and empty room. Tonight we sit in a cozy warm home with a sweet sleeping baby tucked away safely in her precious nursery.

2009 had many ups and downs and I am so thankful to be in a place where I am looking forward to the continued journey of this greatness in 2010. The Lord is doing great things in my heart and in my life and because of his work on me there is a direct reflection of these changes in my marriage and in my family. He has given me an appreciation for many simple things in life that I had been overlooking. I see things with a new perspective. Typically I feel like I finish a year with regrets and look forward to a new start with the new year but because of all these things I have mentioned I don't feel that way and I am so excited about that. I know that might not make much sense. I'm just thrilled to continue a beautiful journey instead of feeling like I need to erase an old one and start new. Anyways, maybe more to come on that subject as it progresses.

Because I use this blog as a documentation of all things Arabelle I need to catch up on some things that have happened lately.

Sitting up and crossing her legs all the time.

Rolling all over the place, scooting, getting in sitting position from laying down and laying on belly and scooting back and forth...really trying to crawl.

Sitting in a big girl high chair and saying goodbye to Bumbo.

Sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time (of course it was wings n more).

Fake crying- yes, she now knows how to get her way!

Clapping, waving and shaking her head no.

Drinking juice and trying new foods.

And in 2010 she will be training and competing in a 10K....That's right folks...Matt entered me in a 10K and Arabelle has no choice but to train with me.

Now I am going to do my best to recap the year with a few pictures.

I know we are fast forwarding all the way to May but did anything really matter until then ?....

We became a family of three.

We worked on this a lot!!!

So that it could look like this.

A few changes on the inside..

While we were working on that the little miss was just chillin

We took our first few trips as a family and my dad came for a visit

The Cubs went to State in Football

So I missed a lot in between but this mama is tired and I wanted to leave you with this.....

God Bless you all! May we seek the Lord in new ways and grow in him in this new year.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Catch Up

Here are a few things that have been going down at the Farmer place.

Arabelle turned 7 months yesterday! She is sitting up, clapping her hands, waving, and doing a lot of grunting, not really sure why on that last one. She grunts all the time if she is bored she grunts, if she is studying a new object she grunts, if she is tired she grunts all in all she just likes to grunt.

Matt is in the middle of Basketball season and it is going well, he will actually be coaching the varsity team on his own Friday night and is getting so excited. Keep him in your prayers through this season as he strives to be an example of Christ to these boys. Matt will be one busy man this weekend as we are STILL in Football season! That's right the Brenham Cubs are playing for the State Title this Saturday at the University of Texas at 1:00. If anyone is interested in listening to the game live you can log on to and go to "listen live."

Update on me.... I am going much better. The Lord is doing some amazing things in my heart and I am growing deeper with him every day. He brought a special family into my heart that has forever changed the way I will live life. It was in his perfect timing and for that I am so grateful. The Lord always knows what we need and when we are ready to receive.

My hair...well I went and got it fixed. I can't say I love it because I never wanted my hair to be this short (only 1 inch in some places) but it is MUCH better than what it was. As I went to the new hairstylist to get my do fixed I was amazed with the conversations we had about Jesus. He was giving me words to share about his kingdom and love to a stranger. I know this is what we are supposed to do but how often are we sharing this? So often we stress over what this person might think or respond and this time it was so amazingly natural and beautiful. As this person was fixing my mangled hair we were crying together! What if that horrible do was all for the purpose of that conversation. If a horrible haircut can bring glory to Jesus then I will take it!

Because every blog post should have a picture I will include a pic taken about two weeks ago when it snowed here in Brenham. It snowed for a few hours but didn't stick. Arabelle enjoyed it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Extreme randomness with many run on sentences and grammatical errors.

I'm about to get real random here and go off on a few conversations and ideas that I have been having in my head lately. I would talk to Matt about them but hummm.... I don't see him much these days as he is not only coaching Basketball but also still has his duties as a Football coach as well. That might be the first conversation in my head or argument rather but I will stay out of trouble and not post my thoughts and opinions on that subject ;) The other people I would talk to about these ideas in my head would be my friends but I can't do that either because I have been sick for the past week and can't get much of a sentence out without hacking up a lung. So I have been inside this house not feeling so great trying to entertain a baby that is bored with everything about our daily routine and I'm out of ideas and energy.

Some days I feel like a bad mom because of our lack of variety and excitement which brings me to my next thought.....I miss College Station in a BAD way! Some days I wish I could pack up and move back into that little apartment that was nestled right in between countless parks, restaurants, coffee shops, the childrens museum, chick fil a, hobby lobby, upaint it, HEB, Farm Patch, Target, Barnes and Noble, Community Church, and homes of people that I miss so dearly. All these things might seem silly or even meaningless and some are but lately when I have been home alone with my little girl I just wish we could get out run errands and walk around and let her look at people, the only "errands" I can really run indoors here in Brenham is to Wal-Mart and this is not always the best exposure to Arabelle. When I get bored I want to just walk around through Target or Hobby Lobby just to pass some time and show things to Arabelle to put a little variety in her life but I don't want to drive one hour away to do it. Huh....sorry I have a bit of cabin fever and loneliness and these are my thoughts when this happens.

On the note of loneliness I have been thinking a lot lately about friendships of the past and how they have slowly faded away. I think about people that were once a part of my everyday life are now just a memory and how that makes me so sad. Sometimes I feel like a failure in these relationships in that I did not do what I could to maintain them through the miles and time apart but is that just life? Once schedules, distance, full-time jobs, marriage and family adds to the mix how realistic is it to be able to maintain these relationships? When it is left up to phone calls I sadly fail time and time again and have such trouble picking up that phone to hear someones voice that I genuinely want to hear but I do not do it out of fear of what we will or will not talk about and if there is awkwardness. I hate this about myself! Now with blogs, facebook, twitter, and online photo albums you can tune into peoples life and look in on what they are up to without ever picking up the phone and meeting up for a visit. All of these portals give a false sense of connection that is staying connected without having to be connected. When you actually do see some of these people in person a lot of the conversations start with "well I saw on facebook that they got married, had a baby, went to Hawaii"..."I read on their blog that they are in the process of adoption." This makes me sad that I am addicted to all these outlets of information, because in reality I want to be in their living room sharing a meal and flipping through their photo album while having real conversation not just dreaming of it from my living room with my laptop in hand. I want to feel connected again to people that I share life with. I miss friends that make you feel like family that when you spend time with them you are not wondering what they think of you, you just know they love and accept you and adore your company. Is life too busy to have these things anymore?

Switching gears................................................................

On a different note, what the heck happened to my hair? I might post pics only because it is kinda funny now. So I was looking forward to getting my hair done and have a fresh new look instead I got this crap haircut... I mean seriously it looks like a situation out of high school where you and your teen friends think it might be fun to cut your own hair only to find out it's not as easy as it looks, yeah that's what this look is like except I paid a professional for it. I pointed to a picture of this cute cut where the hair rested on the shoulders as one length and somehow I left with hair ABOVE my ears and a side mullet with mudflaps. I have managed to pull it into a sprig of a ponytail with lots of help from bobby pins and when I see people who know I didn't like the turnout of my new do they tell me how great my hair looks. Seriously's pulled back in an ugly ponytail so you can't even see the cut so this lets out that everybody just says the right thing in the moment of truth, they don't actually tell you the truth. I actually find this funny. "Girl, I love your side mullet with random sprigs of hair coming out everywhere!"

I know this blog is getting extremely long and possibly boring to read so I will close but might later continue my randomness if need be. Thank you all for tuning into my life via blogger!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sitting up and laughing at puppies

This just makes me smile!

A little note regarding this squeaky toy: This is Nellie's toy not Arabelle's and this is yet another example of how tender and sweet Nellie is. Most dog's would have snagged it away long before waiting for it to be handed to her by her master. Matt was not completely aware that this toy should not go near Arabelle's face.... but whatever. Arabelle thinks it is so funny when Nellie plays with this toy so it was hilarious to have it squeaked in her face while Nellie danced around for it. She is a lucky girl!