Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Few and far between

My camera is working on occasion and when it does..I am so very thankful. I was able to capture some moments this past week of Arabelle and the stage that she is in. Each one of these pictures is a perfect example of every day life around here.

Arabelle is my little collector. She ALWAYS has something in her hands that she is carrying from room to room. If we go outside the first thing she gets out of the driveway are pecans and then she makes her way over to the garden to pick the tomato's. She then brings these items back in the house with her and tries to hold onto them while playing with her toys.

One of the objects you are sure to find in her procession at all times are her books. She takes them with her everywhere and request just about everybody to read them to her.

We went to Houston this past weekend for some family time. Arabelle loved being with her cousins.

She is still loving on all of her stuffed animals. She was so tired from the weekend that she fell fast asleep on the way home.

On Sunday Matt wanted to take her to the grocery store with him to get a little treat. When they pulled in the drive this is what I found.... I'm sure this is only the beginning of Dad being so much more fun than Mom.

Now that she is walking everywhere she is loving wearing shoes. She not only wants to wear her shoes at all times but she wants to wear other peoples shoes. The other day at Church the lady said that another baby took Arabelle's shoe, she began to cry and brought it to the teacher for her to promptly put her shoe back on her foot.

Monday, August 23, 2010

We're alive

I promise I have all sorts of things to tell you about and pictures to show you....well the pictures are in my head because I'm still raising funds for my new camera. Until then, I will post video's i guess. I feel like every blog post needs pictures but for right now we will just have to do without.

We have been very busy this past weekend getting Matt ready for the first day of school. I can't believe he's starting his fourth year of teaching, Crazy!!! He seems to be better prepared and more organized this year. I'm very proud of him. He has many guest speakers lined up and lots of fun ideas to make Foundations of Fitness a fun experience for both him and his students. He also has student teachers this year, hopefully that will help him out some.

Arabelle is turning into such a lovey. She is coming to us out of the blue and making a lip smacking noise and steals herself a kiss whenever she wants to. We thought this day would never come. For the longest when we would go in for a kiss she would turn her cheek in a hurry and it used to hurt our feelings, she is redeeming this now with the abundance of kisses we are getting.
A new development over the past two weeks or so is her love for books. I mean the girl is glued to a book all day long. She carries Brown Bear around with her all day and she says "Ba Ba, Br Br" to get us to read it to her. Once we start reading she takes care of flipping the pages and telling us more about the book then what's just on the pages. We love this about her. We had "Brown Bear Brown Bear" "Panda Bear Panda Bear" and so I had to finish it off with getting "Polar Bear Polar Bear" I think Daddy likes this one the best, he keeps telling Arabelle that he was a Polar Bear but she doesn't really seem to care, she just wants him to read it to her.

Now that Matt is back in a routine it seems as though my days are really long so I have some projects I'm wanting to work on. If I write them on the blog that creates some accountability. I want to find a better arrangement for our living space, this is an ongoing issue for me. I like how cozy it is having the couch right next to the kitchen but the house is closing in on me with such an active little girl. I want to repaint a few rooms, work on finishing some of the details in the kitchen and then the big one....rip out the drywall in the guest bedroom. I keep telling dropping small little hints to Matt about this one....he's not on board yet...I think because he knows it will end up as one of his projects. Maybe not...we'll see.

And just because....Here is Arabelle playing her new musical instrument.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Football and Nonnie

My camera imports have made it very clear that Football Season is here for the real! It seems like every evening we are either up at the field to see Daddy or we are running on the fields at Hohlt Park.

One of the coaches wives has a way with children, they all adore and flock to her. I keep checking to see if she keeps a stash of candy in her pocket and I have not caught it yet. She really is just that sweet. I know my little Arabelle loves her.

We finally found ourselves taking the ol' family coaching pictures. I of course procrastinated in getting her outfit together and therefore had to borrow a 3 month onesie from a friend. Yes it's a bit tight but the buttons stayed snapped until after the pics and then they popped right off.

The nights we aren't at the field we have been going to Hohlt Park for Arabelle to run around on the soccer fields. She loves the freedom and the soft grass on her bare feet. This stands to be one of my favorite places in Brenham. Matt and I spent all our evenings here when we first moved to Brenham and didn't know anybody. We would walk and walk until the sun went down and then  we would lay on the very field our baby is running on and  would star gaze and pray for our future family.

Nonnie came to see us this weekend and we absolutely loved it! Arabelle woke up from her nap and practically leaped out of my arms to give her a hug and promptly directed her to the coach to read Brown Bear Brown Bear. Arabelle is very serious about this book.

Check out my big girl that has top teeth and walks around all by herself!

And just because.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Funky Woman Feelings with Hope

 As our love relationship with God takes center stage in our life, we will be able to face this reality about relationships with others: They all end. All human relationships end. Even before they end, they fail to fully satisy those deep longings of our soul. Ironically, we continue to expect them to satisfy us. And then we're disappointed. Following that, we become angry with the people who failed to meet our deep longings. Or we may be angry with God or ourselves, because we think it's all our fault. But it is foolish to expect human beings to supply what only God can. ~ A Women And Her God,  Beth Moore

Amen to every single one of these words. I feel like this has been my souls ache. Before I knew Jesus, human relationships was all I knew, many of them being broken. I had been denied love by my own parents on countless occasions and therefore sought love and security in dating relationships. I went through each of these still feeling alone, unloved, incomplete and searching.

When I accepted Christ at the age of 18 I began the journey of my relationship with my heavenly Father. I was learning for the first time a love that would satisfy. A relationship that made me feel whole and complete. A security that decreased my fear of abandonment. I'm on a journey that teaches me daily that God is with me and will never abandoned me. This is however a journey.

The point of my life I'm in now is a new journey of almost re-learning truths as a woman and dispelling lies from the enemy. Friendship looks different in this stage of my life. Now there is a balance of husband, children, alone time, and daily demands. I'm no longer in an environment where most of the women I'm around have common goals, desires, personalities, and  interests. Scrambled is how it feels. Situations and circumstances leave me feeling insecure about myself, unsure, unloved, unworthy, not pretty enough, not funny enough, not worthy of friendship...you get the point.
I know I'm not the only person that leaves a gathering with thoughts like, "Why did she look at me and then look away like she didn't see me?" "Why did they all get together and not invite me?" Why is she so close with her and not me?" " Why did I say that? That was so stupid?" "Why don't I fit in?" "I wonder if she's mad at me? I don't think I did anything?"

Lies, all lies. I know this but when I'm wrapped up in the moment I can get very discouraged and believe them.

Then I read in the word of the Lord and he breathes life in me. He alone can satisfy. He alone is worthy of all my praise. The more I read his word the less I'm concerned about the approval of others and more concerned about the approval of God. The more I read his word and draw my roots deeper into the soil of his love, the more I pray, the more I talk with him, the more I will view myself in his sight.
"I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God's marvelous love...May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great you will never fully understand it. Then you will be filled with the fullness of life." Ephesians 3:17, 19-20

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Ok yall...I finally opened up an etsy store. It's nowhere near what I want it to look like yet but I'm learning the ropes. Please forgive the look, lack of design, logo and such. I can only get better, right? Please go on over and take a look. If anybody local wants to purchase something I will try and figure out how to waive shipping cost  for local pick-up.

Here it is:
The Farmers Nest

Have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Nonnie Bait

In the past few days Arabelle has really started to take off. She kinda has no fear now. Yeah, I'm rearranging the house this weekend.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby Belly Bag {{Tutorial}}

BBB...that's a mouth full. When Arabelle was a newborn she would get gassy and fussy in the evenings. When I talked to the pediatrician she told me to get a rice bag, warm it up in the microwave, place it on her tummy, swaddle her up and give her Gripe Water. It did the trick. Just when that time of  day rolled around we went through this routine and she was instantly a happy camper. However at the time I was in new mom fog and only had time to pour rice down one of Matt's dress socks, tie it in a knot and call that my belly bag. Poor Arabelle:(

Now, this has become one of my favorite items to give a new mom. Of course I don't give them an old sock with rice in it, I have spruced it up a bit with cute fabric and have even scented the rice with Lavender oil (known as a calming essential oil.)

You will need small scraps of fabric, Rice ( I used Jasmine), Essential Oil, and basic sewing skills

Take rice and place in a bowl, drop Lavender oil onto the rice ( I place about 2 drops per cup of rice) and stir. I use my ruler, I'd rather let the ruler absorb that good smell than to wash it off of a spoon.

Fold your fabric wrong side out. Trace your measurements on the fabric with a fabric marker. I made my rice bags 6 inX6in. 

Cut the fabric, sew pieces together leaving a small opening in order to turn the fabric right side out as well as pour the rice inside.


Pour  rice into the bag, turn the edges under keeping in alignment with the seam and stitch it up.

Here's the finished product!

I make a tag with instructions. " Place rice bag in microwave anywhere from 30-90 seconds depending on the heat power. Shake rice around making sure to distribute the heat. Place on baby's belly and swaddle. Heat holds up to an hour. Relieves gas and provides comfort."

On a side note, a bigger bag can be made and used for the purpose of laying on the baby's belly and chest to help them feel comforted when someone is not holding them.It kinda act as that warm body they always seem to know lets them go.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Last weekend of the Summer

Matt started football practice today = Two girls that are gonna miss him like crazy!

Arabelle had her first swim in a big pool this last week.

We had a great last weekend together. Friday night our sweet friends Jason and Kim took us to an Astro's game.

On the way down there Jason played music in the car....and it wasn't Praise Baby..how dare he!


Saturday night we went to the last Hot Nights Cool Tunes of the summer. It's a concert held on the square in downtown Brenham. We had a lot of fun listening to an 80's cover band. I'm pretty sure most of the songs they played I said..."this is my favorite song!"

Please excuse the pictures. My camera is broken again, now my flash isn't working. I'll soon have another yard sale to save up the money to buy a new one. I'm also planning on opening my etsy store very soon. I have been waiting to open it when I had great pictures of all the stuff and now it looks like I will need to sell the stuff in order to have great pictures?

Arabelle has had so much to say these days. She is talking non stop, pointing at things as she talks, moving her head around , pausing a little bit for a response and then answering back. She is pure Joy!

She had a little something she wanted to share with all of you.