Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting in front of the camera

For Christmas I made Matt a family album using all of the pictures we had taken in 2010. I noticed something that made me a bit sad....I was in very few pictures. This is common in most is always the one taking the pictures. It's not that dad doesn't want mom to be in the pictures but it's not natural  for dad to initiate grabbing the camera and shooting a sweet moment...and how weird does it feel to say, "hey can you take a picture of me?" Why is it so hard to ask that? It's not vein, yet it feels that way.

I have decided for the year 2011 to make sure that at least once a week I'm in a picture doing life with my little family. It's going to feel weird at first. I'm going to have many failed pictures and very few keepers BUT it will be something my kids and I will cherish in the future. I want them to see what we did day in day out and to know that I wasn't just in the distance but I was right there with them. Sure setting up the camera and timer will feel a little "staged" at first but in reality it was what we were doing.We might be in our pj's. I might not have makeup on. It might be out of focus. Parts of our bodies might get cut out of the picture but I'm sure to capture some sweet moments in the process.

So....rather than waiting until the new year I started today. Little Miss and I were playing with puzzles in her room when we noticed the squirrels burying pecans in the backyard...we were both looking out the window when it occurred to me that I should capture this moment. We look out of this window often so I knew it was something I wanted to capture. I ran and got the camera and out of 147 pictures I have 1 that I love. To me that's worth it.

I encourage you to take on the same challenge.
I promise you won't have any regrets.
I'm excited to see these pictures improve through the year...It can only go up from here.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tent Playing Fashionista

After breakfast I walked into the bedroom and found it had been overtaken by a large pink hippo. Now that the sugar high has subsided I think Little Miss is enjoying her Christmas gifts.

Can you tell we love being home together?

Then we decided to forgo fashion and mix pj's with outerwear for some fresh air. Daddy was working hard on my Christmas present.....a patio so we decided to join him outside.
I can't wait to show you once it's finished.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in Pictures

Drove to Mansfield
Went to Six Flags
Drove to Frost
Drove to Brenham
Drove to Katy
Drove back to Brenham
Whew....were tired.
Enjoyed our time with family.
Happy to be home and resting together.
Little Miss wasn't as interested in the toys as she was the food. She's just like her Daddy. I could skip all the gifts and give food alone and both of them would have been just as happy as can be.
I was certain Little Miss was going to love getting her very own backpack with a zipper. Not so much!
She loves her shopping cart and tent but I still think she loves the food more.
* Side note- the teddy grahams were in my stocking.....oh the sacrifices a parent must make. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

My cup runneth over

Over the past week it seems like things have slowed down just a bit or maybe were making the most of our time together as a family. I absolutely can't get enough of Arabelle with her Daddy. I love how she adores him. If he tells her he loves her she stops whatever she's doing to go and give him a kiss. When she knows he's about to leave to go to work she runs to the door so she doesn't miss a chance to wave and kiss him goodbye.

Yesterday I made a run into Houston for some Christmas shopping and left Little Miss at home with Daddy. I missed getting that time at home with them, I know deep down that it's good for Mommy to not always be around and let them have their special time. When I pulled in the drive later that night I spotted their shoes lined up together on the porch. The image instantly made my heart smile. Daddy said they raked leaves in the backyard. I can only imagine the fun they had together.

Here are some moments over the past week that remind me how blessed I am.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crafting with my girl

I usually craft when Little Miss is taking  her nap or has gone to bed for the night but with Christmas around the corner I have been wanting and needing to craft more than usual. Yesterday my heart was hurting and needing some down time and a change of pace. Once my little girl woke up I decided to open a present early and bust out Play-Doh for the first time. We put  Shane and Shane on Pandora and each crafted in our own special way.

I love how content and mellow she was, as if her soul needed it to.

I was making some Fabric Flowers and  Messy Flowers to add to some of these items I plan on creating.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby Update 5 months

Today I'm 22 weeks and 3 days and feeling great. Other than an already ginormous belly I don't really feel pregnant. I have a lot of energy, I'm not as emotional as I was at this time with Little Miss and a normal meal is satisfying to me. My only complaint might be that my left eye has been twitching for over two weeks now and my skin is crazy dry and itchy. So twitchy eye and itchy skin does kinda make me feel and look like I'm going mad but hey that's not so bad.

Baby Boy is moving all over the place and with a little help from a flashlight Matt can feel him move. That's always such a sweet moment for me when Matt gets to feel his movements.

This week Arabelle pointed to a baby and then pointed to my belly, so I think shes starting to understand.

We haven't done anything for a nursery but plan to once Christmas and Basketball tournaments are behind us. I have lots of furniture that needs to be painted and many ideas in my head just need the husband to help me carry them out. I'm still searching for the perfect fabric for bedding, just haven't found what I'm looking for.

Pregnancy confession: I made and consumed an entire batch of Chuy's sauce this weekend. There....I feel better!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Camp Tejas

This past weekend we went with our home team group to Camp Tejas Lights of Tejas in Giddings. We had such a great time riding the hay ride, bouncing in the bounce houses and Matt even road a zip line for the first time.

This Camp holds a special place in my heart. I didn't come to know the Lord until I headed off to college at the age of 18. However, I can remember the hand of the Lord on me throughout my entire upbringing. When life was hard at home and my parents were going through various struggles the Lord would always bring people in our lives to take care of us and show us HIS Love. 

When my parents divorced and my Dad took care of us we would go to the local Baptist Church after school program. They also had a free meal on Wednesday nights followed by a youth service. Being that my Dad burnt toast we weren't going to miss out on that free meal and because of that my sister attended the youth program. When summer came around the youth group was going to Camp and invited my sister and I to join. 

I don't remember much but I recall signing pretty songs, being around sweet people and writing in a journal. I remember there was a different feel to the whole experience. 

Fast Forward 13 years

I'm in college and part of a church family in College Station. Our church is taking a retreat at a Camp  in Giddings. I don't do any research or ask any questions,I just show up late that night with way too much caffeine in my system. I try to go to sleep but I'm all jumpy so I decide to go for a late night run. I start running through the back-roads of the camp and then head to the old phase of the camp and things start to look familiar. I kept running and ended up at an old cabin, a cabin I remember staying in 13 years ago, the only time I had ever been to camp. 

I looked up at the sky and all I saw was beauty. I bust out into tears as I realized the Lords love for me and how he had pursued me my whole life. He showed me that through all those years of pain and loneliness he was there with me all along and now he brought me back to the very spot I had been 13 years ago when I was a child. He didn't have to do that, but he did. He wanted to show me that even when I don't realize it he is always with me and loves me. 

So five years later from that moment I get to go back again to the Camp this time with a loving and Godly husband, a precious 19 month old daughter and a sweet little baby boy growing in my belly. I praise him! He blesses me more than I deserve.