Thursday, November 29, 2012

Placemat Pillow {DIY} No Sewing needed

 The other day I was in my favorite big red store when stumbled upon a super cute placemat that I thought would be an easy diy to transform into a pillow. Sure enough the plan worked and with little effort, no sewing skills and five minutes I had a cute new Christmas pillow.

Here are the steps:

I took my seam ripper and ripped the seams in the bottom right corner about 3 inches long.

I opened it up and filled it with some leftover polyester stuffing. If you have an old throw pillow you don't use anymore you could always cut it open and use the filling out of it. I'm all about using what you have on hand.

I stuffed it until I was happy with the fullness of it.

If you're a rule follower you can seal the opening back together with this product. It does a great job but takes a little bit longer to dry. If you use this product you might want to take some clothes pins to hold the opening shut while it dries.

Or if you want to get the job done fast you can heat up your hot glue gun and seal that baby up in seconds. Because this is a Christmas pillow that wouldn't get much use I decided hot glue would work fine. If I was making this pillow to be out year round I might stitch it by hand or use the above product.

See...nobody will ever know you used hot glue!

 Now I have an adorable pillow made from a $5 placemat. These colors sure do make me happy!


  1. Easy stuff like this makes me happy. Thank you :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this is genius!! I love it and you better believe I ran out to Target today and picked up two of these cutie placemats!

  3. I LOVE turning placemats into pillows! Looks great!

  4. Super cut! Nice job, and thanks for sharing! Michelle

  5. I could actually do this! Thanks!

  6. I've been blog-hopping tonight and came across your sweet and creative blog. I love this placemat-to-pillow and have pinned it to remember and share with my friends. Congrats on your upcoming arrival of baby #3. I'll have to bookmark your blog to see more of your projects. Great idea!

  7. OHH that is genius and such a cute 'placemat'! I would have never thought of doing that!

  8. I’m not really good at sewing; this is exactly what I need to make my own personalized placemat pillow. I will definitely try making one and follow the steps; I just hope it would turn the way that I wanted!

  9. A placemat pillow with no sewing needed?, I will definitely want to try this one. I like the creativity being shown in this pillow, I just do wonder if there any other stuff that can be applied with this idea? like a key chain or key a key holder?